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Welcome to SUNNY CORDS, the original Dutch-Australian brand committed to safeguarding your eyewear in a stylish manner. Our journey commenced in 2016, driven by a simple yet impactful mission: to resurrect the cherished vintage accessory trend from the 1980s. Frustrated by the constant loss and breakage of our beloved sunglasses, and determined to avoid the outdated eyewear chains, the concept of SUNNY CORDS was conceived.

At SUNNY CORDS, we seamlessly blend the best of two distinct worlds. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and trendy streets of Amsterdam, a city close to our hearts, we merge it with the relaxed and sun-soaked vibes of Bondi Beach, a place we've grown to adore. Our sun-kissed treasures have blossomed into local favorites, capturing the essence of two dynamic cultures in every design.

Join us on our journey as we continue to redefine eyewear accessories, fusing fashion and function in perfect harmony. With SUNNY CORDS, you don't just protect your eyewear – you elevate your style.

Discover our collection and make a statement that's uniquely yours with SUNNY CORDS.


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